Thursday, July 2, 2009

Memories in a Shadow Box...

Here I am again with another class to share with you!
This class was a Shadowbox Memory Box and each "student" was asked to bring memorbilia to use to make their box significant to them.
I chose a vintage birthday card that I had from some cards that were left in my mom's collection after she passed away. It actually was meant for one of my nieces because I recognize my handwriting as the signatures for myself, and my siblings...
I love the look of these cards, and now I can actually enjoy the card since I have now hung my little "treasure" box up in my office/craft room!
Obviously, I was still trying to figure out how to spell my sister's name "Connie"
And my Cowgirl Friends also took the class wit me...
Here is my friend Gail's piece, these are her Grandmother "Boots" glasses, what a great idea for a memory box!
And my Cowgirl Friend Shannon's box...a tribute to a summer swimming day with her sister...
And here a few more from fellow students...
A tribute to a special dog...
The Raggedy Ann and Andy were from her mobile as a baby!
And a Faith inspired box..
What fun!


  1. Love them all!! thanks for Sharing those Great memory boxes!!!

  2. This shadow boxes are fabulous.

    As for my WW it isn't going bad at all. Thankfully we're having a bit of a heatwave in the UK so I'm getting into salads in a big way which is healthier although on the downside our kitchen is being renovated so it's making cooking/eating sensibly very difficult!

    Well done to you and your daughter.

    Victoria xx

  3. Love it...every lil' piece! Happy RWB and PINK to you!