Monday, July 20, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

Hi, friends! I headed over to my local Barnes & Noble Bookstore this evening to spend a little time perusing and ended up purchasing the soundtrack "My Sister's Keeper."

Oh, it has wonderful songs on it!
And, yes, I've seen the movie, but best of all, I've read the book (many years ago!)
I feel that my next statement will most likely be echoed back to me, as I find that "us" bloggers are more similar than different from one another, don't you? Well, maybe I shouldn't phrase us as "bloggers" but more as "Those of us who blog" Smiles...
Anyway, my statement is that Jodi Picoult's book "My Sister's Keeper" is THE best book I've ever read! The book had depth, controversial topics, raw emotion, real life, in other words, it makes you think while you read!
I've had discussions with friends about the book and not everyone likes the ending, but I did, just because it was so unexpected.
The movie was very good, and I really wanted to see the ending, which I WON'T discuss since not all of you may have seen it yet!
I discovered an online interview with Jodi Picoult also, and thought you'd enjoy it too!

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