Friday, September 4, 2009

Flyin' away on a jet plane...

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Hi, Friends! I hope everyone had a great Friday! It was the type of Friday I really enjoy. I held the sweetie pie grandbaby, we met up with my girlfriends for lunch at a yummy restaurant, Blue Mesa, and then my daughter and I left sweetie pie with her Aunt Katie and went and had pedicures and manicures, and then took the baby to the mall and shopped a little bit and met my husband for dinner! Now, my Weight Watcher diet suffered today and next week also will be what they call at the Weight Watcher meetings as a "challenge" as we're going to Colorado for a week's vacation and it's hard to think constantly eat healthy, count your points!! I am going to try to balance it out with walking and just moving more since it is Colorado, right?!
This will be the baby's first airplane ride and we're all a bit anxious how she'll do, but it's always fun, even if she's fussy because she's just so DARNED CUTE! REALLY! Smiles...
I'm a bit bummed that my husband isn't coming and his ticket is actually wasted too! He works at a company that is in a tough period right now and he just can't leave. We're grateful though that he still has a job, and believe me, since I caption the news every day I know how many jobs have been lost for so many people. There's always another chance to go when things improve, right?!
I'm going to blog a bit if the internet works and I cannot wait to just see the beauty of Colorado! I've never been!
Have a great weekend, and I'll share some scenic pics later this next week and a few of sweetie pie too, I'm sure!


  1. I don't like to look as though I'm commenting to draw you injto my blog but you should read my latest post!
    Its just the same about the diet and disastrous effect of holidays.
    I hope youhave fun. What a pity your husband can't go..its just not the same. Have a good time and forget the diet for the time being. I have now lost 'that' four pounds again.

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