Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We're looking to create a Cupcake!

My sweetie pie granddaughter, Madison, will have her FIRST Halloween this year and so her Mommy Megan and I are wanting to make it fun for her and for us too!
We couldn't decide, should we go scary like a witch? Or maybe graceful like a Ballerina? I had found this pattern at the fabric store and thought maybe switch the witchy colors to a "Good Witch of the East" look, so I bought it...

My daughters voted for the fuzzy bear, but this is Texas, so I voted no, too hot plus she is only six months at Halloween and won't like her hands covered up, she likes to chew them too much!

But then a friend brought to my attention this Pottery Barn costume...

and I knew that's what Madison should be and her Mommy agrees! Unfortunately, the local stores didn't have it in stock, only online, as I wanted to just look it over to see how to make my own from scratch.
I sew as much as I can, which isn't a lot lately, but I'm really my best with a pattern.
Do you have any tips to share on how to successfully make this costume for a six month old baby who wears a 3-6 month size? I'd appreciate any tips or advice!
Happy Halloween Sewing, friends!


  1. It's my nephew's first Halloween this year and we can't wait.

    Luckily enough my SIL is going to be in Florida this month so she should be able to find him a fabulous costume there.

    Can't wait to see photos of Madison!

    Victoria xx


  3. That cupcake costume is so cute! the picture makes the skirt look really stiff and uncomfortable for a 6 month old though. Maybe it's better in real life? you've probably got it all figured out by now since you posted this 2 weeks ago! can't wait to see how it turn's out!

  4. My daughter saw this in the Pottery Barn catalog and INSISTED on being a cupcake for Halloween. I went online to order it, and they were completely sold out! I went to the local fabric store and bought 3 different colors of felt, one yard of each. You would probably need less for a 6 month old. I downloaded and blew up the pictures of the costume from Pottery Barn Kids website and plan to make my own pattern. If your intersted, I'll post details once I actually get it made!

  5. I am 22 years old and LOVE this costume! I want my mom to make one for me-so if you have figured out a way. please let me know-email me at thanks so much.