Thursday, December 3, 2009


Good day, Friends! I LOVE Moda products, don't you? They remind me of a time that really I'm too young to remember ( I was born in 1962) and they're reminiscent of that time frame but I really don't remember the 60's. Anyhow, I'm rambling here, but the images of a simpler time with family and home as the centerpiece of lives comes to mind when I see their items.
Santa isn't jollier anywhere than on this tablecloth pattern...

Load up all my presents in these beautiful Moda Holiday bags, please!

I want to bake Christmas cookies in this old-fashioned apron...

And maybe eat those cookies cuddled in this beautiful classic throw!

Poinsettias never looked so pretty as they do on these kitchen towels..

I LOVE these children craft kits for kids!

You could send the kiddos off to Grandma's house with their craft kit in this monkey bag, every kid should have one!

Hopefully Grandma will have this chenille beauty for the visit...

And, hey, maybe Mom could get away at some point too with this cute polka dot beauty!

I have to add in Moda's sewing room goodies, because every time I see them in quilt shops and such my eye draws me right over to the display, I can't resist!
When you see jelly rolls of fabric like these, your imagination starts to bloom!

And though I know already how to sew, I still want this kit...

And cute needle cases and pincushions are ALWAYS on my want list!

OK, might as well throw in this great little bag here...

And we'll put it all in this ADORABLE sewing box, oh, please, Santa!

Wrap it all up in Moda's nostalgic wrapping paper...

And, AHHHH.... I'm dreamin' of Home...and Moda!


  1. Eek! I would love any of this! The needle cases are adorable and so are the Christmas bags.

  2. All those goodies are fab!

    Victoria xx